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Fab + Glam 30th birthday party

Two words to describe the birthday girl – Fabulous + Sweet..

Last Thursday we attended the birthday celebration of one of my girlfriends here and it was an amusing night indeed.
The house was adorned with balloons and flowers. The buffet table created a “wow factor” to the guests.There were lots of white petals around the table,candles and white roses served as a centerpiece.
And the food.. Oh I so looooovvvvvved it.Cooked and prepared by her brother Michael Kelly. He really has a passion in cooking and he’s kapampangan kaya tlgang delicioso ang bawat putahe!
If his schedule permits he can have his own catering business talaga..
To complete the night of the celebrant a gigantic bouquet of flowers was delivered to her house from her fiancé. So sweet of you Mark! You made her cry kaya lang pinigilan nia kasi daw masisira ang make-up nia..hahhaha..
It was fun but elegant night celebrating with you Ley Ann and your friends. (alammoyan)
Happy birthday again and always stay sexy,pretty and sweet!!
Thank you for inviting us. Winner and make-up mo teh!Bongga!

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