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Goodbye Multiply..I will surely miss you!

I don’t know if some of you still familiar with Multiply social networking. But here ‘s the news last week I received email from Multiply informing me that they will focus to online shopping & selling, and no longer support the social networking features beyond December 1, 2012.

I got alarmed kasi I stored all the pics I took from my Friendster account previously.

Luckily, we still have two months to preserve the content of our page such as blog,video,photos and etc..

If you have account and want to save your photos then you must export everything on your page or all the memories will be lost same as what happen to Friendster..

Just follow the following steps..

The export tools are now available below your headshot on your Multiply site and enable you to do the following:

  1. Download your content to your computer
  2. Export to Blogger (a blogging platform owned by Google)

There are efforts to offer ways to migrate your content to other platforms such as Tumblr and WordPress but these are still in the works and we will keep you updated as things progress.

Using the export tool:

  1. Visit your Multiply page (example:
  2. Click one of the options available on your Multiply page (below your headshot):
    1. Download Media: to download all media files
    2. Export to Blogger: to transfer your blogs to your Blogger page
      1. Choose file you would like to download
      2. You will receive an email (via the email address registered to your Multiply account) containing a link to download all your Multiply files along with instructions on how to import them to Blogger.

Anyway, while I was exporting my page I saw some old photos that brings smile on my face. I never thought that I always update my account before..hahaha

model-modelan lang..
my kiddie 30th birthday party @ Chowking
honey’s bday celebration @ MINATO with old friends
Dubai prenup pics
Our magazine featured us in May ’08 issue..haha

And lastly I informed my friends and family that the waiting is over because “I’m pregnant na’!!


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