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No mommy, it’s not allowed!!

Last night little A was so kulit as in kulit to the point that daddy A needs to put him in time-out for 3 minutes (since he’s 3 already). I can hear from the other room that he’s crying and calling me but daddy A said that he needs to stay there in one corner.
Daddy: Little A stop calling mommy,
Little A: I wan’t my mommy..huhuhuhu. I want to go inside the room
Daddy:No stay there and don’t go to mommy
Then biglang nag ring ang phone ni daddy, ate cecille called to greet him. While he was on the phone, I called little A because I want to talk to him..
Mommy Little A, come here (I was in the other room)
Little A (still sobbing) I can’t!! huhuhu..I’m not allowed!!
Mommy: No it’s ok, mommy will talk to you..
Little A: No mommy, it’s not allowed!!

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