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I wish I have a magic lamp!

Little A is scheduled to go to dentist later luckily daddy is off today. We are so worried about his teeth because at his age sobrang lakas pa ding mag milk even at night. Our main concern is to prevent dental carries that might lead sa pagkabungi.

We booked him for dental check-up,cleaning and flouride for kids. I know it will be a big task for daddy to be alone in the clinic. With a toddler that has phobia with dentist I’m hoping little A will cooperate.

I have duty and can’t take off today as we are near the deadline. I’m working in a publishing company by the way..

Just now I called the house to check how are they doing and the next thing I knew little A is asking me to go home.

Mommy: How are you? How’s your day with daddy?

Little A: I cried.

Mommy: Why?

Little A: Because daddy said we will go to dentist. I don’t like mommy,I want you to be here. Can you come here,please…Im’afraid!

Haist! Times like this, I just wish I have a magic lamp. So I could easily ask the genie to send me home and comfort my son.#rantofaworkingmom..


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