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Making fun photos for hubby’s special day!

Today is hubby’s birthday and to make it more fun I will share a simple ideas how I make it extra special for him.

I like to find ways that I can slip a little bit of notes so that he can always remember what a great family man he is..

Here’s what I came up with…

I created a few fun photos and slip it on the areas where he can easily notice.

We all brush our teeth in the morning, don’t we? So I guess the best spot is inside our washroom.

And since we are both working eating lunch together is really impossible – Can you guess the next spot? Yeah! On his lunch box. Isn’t sweet reading the birthday greeting from our little boy before taking his lunch.It’s their ISO inspection for the lab today, to cheer him up a wrote him a goodluck note – to show my support to him! Tita Keke prepared tuna and zucchini sandwich for his breakfast. O di ba spoiled lang ang peg!

These photo/notes are just the thing to give to hubby some sort of little piece of home while he chew his lunch box goodies.

He usually puts his things on our main entry so use the spot to put his fave fruit. ORANGE!

With our generation today where gadgets and technology are really fast-moving.A simple notes can make a huge difference to start his day! It’s a little things that matters folks!

Happy Birthday to the greatest father,friend,partner,lover and husband in the whole wide world!!

I love you honey!! I hope you like my surprise! hehe


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