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Let’s Party!! Rockstar theme party

The party theme that will rock your world. Put your shoes on and let’s rock and roll!! haha..

We had a great time last Thursday.We attended the 1st birthday of my inaanak Chelvi. So cute ng theme and party details..

I immediately liked the idea of setting up Xbox 360 allowing the guests to dance on the floor.For a little boy who loves dancing and music this is super hit. Little A was dancing and can follow dance steps. So aliw watching him hitting the floor.

What makes this party more memorable aside that this is the first time I’m ninang here in Dubai..wehehe

I also met some of n@wies. I had a small chat with Gracie and sobrang cool to see Bhey in person. And talagang nagpapicture ako (for souvenir) kasi I knew her through online mommy forum only and seeing her in the party was really a surprise. Did I told you that I also met Irvi through n@wies? Sabi ko senyo if you are mommy or a newbie mom you should join our group kasi you’ll meet new friends and you will surely love reading every topic in n@w yahoo group.

Thank you Chua Family for inviting us..


3 thoughts on “Let’s Party!! Rockstar theme party

    1. ko yan. Malamig na nmin ang panahon kahit park tyo or swimming para masya!! Nice meeting you too. Alam mo naexcite tlga ko ng makita ka..ganon pla yun pag sa name mo lang nakikita tas makikita mo ng personal..hahahaha.


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