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Choosing the right nursery – Sharjah area

When little A turned 3 years old the most common question I always get from people around us or we meet is if he is in nursery already. At first, I was a bit skeptical whether to enroll him at his young age or wait until he’s 4 years of age so he can still enjoy his toddlerhood. Actually, for me one of the main reason why parents are deciding to enroll their child at a very young age is simoly because they wanted their kids to learn socializing with the same age bracket.

In our case since we don’t have trusted guardian yet, and the papers are still on process, hubby and I agreed to homeschool him first. Which I loved doing by the way!

To give me a rough ideas on how much we need to shell out for his education, I called some of the nurseries here in Sharjah and inquired about their rates and timings.

Here’s some of the nurseries with contact details and informations:

British Orchard Nursery

  • 8:00-12:30 – timing
  • Dhs 4950 for 3 months
  • Dhs 1000 for downpayment
  • Dhs 200 for medical (per term)
  • Dhs 350 booking (per term)
  • Dhs 1575 transportation (per term)
  • Location: near Kuwaiti roundabout
  • Call: 06 567 1017

Al Zahra Nursery

  • Dhs 1000 (without transportation)- per month
  • Dhs 1250 – monthly (including transpo but Sharjah area only)
  • Dhs 200 medical fee
  • Dhs 200 registration
  • Location: Al Khan opp Ewan Hotel
  • Call: 06 5283010

Little Feet Nursery

  • Dhs 850 monthly (including transportation)
  • Dhs 900 for admission,activity and medical – one time fee only
  • Location – within Al Khan area
  • Call: 06 5280787

Play House Nursery

  • Timings: 7-1 pm
  • Dhs 700 per month
  • Dhs 200 activity
  • Dhs 300 admission
  • Dhs 200 medical
  • Location: Behind National Bank,King Faisal
  • Call: 06 5670207

Now, I need to inquire naman nurseries along Al Ghusais area. I checked Gems Winchester in Oud Metha but they are not accepting late enrollees.


One thought on “Choosing the right nursery – Sharjah area

  1. Hi,
    Thanks dear. Am in that stage too now. But day by day I see news of kids getting bitten and what not in nurseries ,am now fearing to send her into one now. If I could I would homeschool her whole life. But that’s not a good option, I know.
    But thanks for your efforts and finding about the fees in nurseries.


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