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Prewriting skills – How is your child getting ready to write?

How is your child getting ready to write? With a few weeks to go before the school starts how do you manage to help your kiddos with their writing skills.

Luckily there are lots of free printable that is super useful All you need to do is print them,insert in the plastic divider and get your erase dry marker ready. TADA! Let your  little explorer do the action!

In this activity I let him do his own thing and I’m surprised how quickly captured his interest.

The good news is not only he’s practicing his writing skills, it also helped him to increase his vocabulary.Learning new words while playing. Not bad, right??

How about developing the strength and precision needed for writing? This may not be the best hand position in writing but as what they said “Practice makes progress”

The printable includes patterning. A good example of problem solving. Our little explorer knew exactly “what comes next?”. I never explained to him how to do it but he just read it and do it by himself. #proudmommymoment




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