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Home is where the heart is…

Even before the Gulf News declared that the Eid holiday will fall Sunday-Monday, hubby and I decided to pursued a long total relaxation weekend in our home! #nagtitipdlangangpeg

As a result we spent most of our time cooking,baking,eating,sleeping,exercising (thank to Tiffany 10 minute workout)watching avengers tv series,playing and cuddling our little explorer.

One of the fave dessert of many Filipinos our native kalamay.

“Ang Biko ni Keke”..hahaha!

We ordered large pizza from New York Pizza paired with Baked Parmesan Fries..

Then we thought of cooking Chicken Arrozcaldo  topped with toasted garlic,spring onion and shredded chicken.

Dont’ ask me how many kilo we’ve gained..hehehe. Ang mahalaga sama-sama ang pamilya! And that’s matters..


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