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Summer activity – Salt tray

This simple activity is one of the best way to promote pre-writing skills to your toddler

an invitation to play..(writing on a salt tray)

Having a colorful colors on the bottom of the container is valuable that makes the process interesting and engaging for little A. He was so focused on the writing process.

He used popsicle stick as his writing tool to write with in the salt…

In between each writing process, little A will used the measuring spoon for scooping the salt.

And then when he’s done scooping he will flatten or shake the salt again. He then discovered that he can form his hands on the salt tray.

By adding the process of scooping and spreading the salt; then sifting the salt back into the salt-box when finished, little A stayed more engaged and interested in the overall process of writing in the salt tray…

Have a safe Sunday everyone. Let’s keep on praying for our country and don’t forget to share your blessings..


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