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Summer activity – Playing with Lego

The simplest of toys that can be used in the most different ways are the best value.

LEGOS are an ideal educational toy for toddlers as they can provide each of the elements needed to stimulate learning while providing simple fun.

Legos have come out big time around our house as little A has shown interest again and happily spend a good amount of time playing independently..

he wants to build a tower..and he’s talking to me while he’s building one
Mommy look it’s a tall building


he thinks that the small figurine is him..
he’s putting his building inside the box and realized that it’s not fit
that’s whay he needs to remove the blocks one by one.. legos can be a good sample of problem solving too


In choosing toys for young children let’s not forget the basics! Give them blocks, Legos and other types of building sets and watch their confidence grow along with their creations!


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