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Seuss Magical World – “Who Treats” Dessert Bar & Party Favor

Lot’s of sweets and candy may seem like a dandy but our teeth come in handy when we want to smile. So don’t forget to brush your teeth and brush real you can keep your teeth around for a while..

Being such a big fan of stylish dessert bar. I am a bit excited to create a Seussian inspired sweet table.

Nothing says birthday party like a table full of sugar.

reese chocolate

The best part? The table were filled with huge selection of candy for our sweet tooth.The table were reinforcing our theme.

hershey’s almond chocolate nuggets

I’m in love with the idea of Seuss-y rhymes on all the sweets.

cadbury milk chocolates
hershey’s cookies & chocolate
chocolate muffin with vanilla frosting & brownie pop

Have you noticed the cute truffala trees as a backdrop. How about fringe crepe paper as table cloth. Crepe Paper are now my new favorite party decoration,isn’t awesome??

And what better way to express our gratitude.

Guests took home a stylish and customized hand sanitizer from Bath and Bodyworks as party favor.


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