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Seuss Magical World – The Party Hat and Happy Birthday Guest Book

I am thrilled to share with you our intimate celebration of this most joyous birthday party.

To grace the occasion the birthday boy  wear something extra special on his birthday.I decided to create a whimsical,personalized,customized and fun party hat for him. The hat was made out of a crepe paper following the pattern of the Cat in the Hat book.

Happy Birthday Guest book

Probably my favorite idea was the guest book.  I purchased Dr Seuss’ Happy Birthday To You book at the Bookworld- Dubai Mall. We asked guests to write a message to little A on any of the pages and had feathery pen that looks like “Thing 1 and Thing 2” set up.

 Hubby took photos to the guests while writing their sweet messages. It was such a great keepsake from the day.

Thank you guys for the great entries.We’ll definitely keep the book forever


2 thoughts on “Seuss Magical World – The Party Hat and Happy Birthday Guest Book

  1. Hi, did you also customized the framed instruction? I’m also doing a Seuss themed party for my son soon-he’s turning 7 on august 24. Thanks for your ideas and the links on printables! Super helpful.


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