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Things that make me happy today

Things that make me happy today:

  1. Hubby will start on his new job on Thursday!!
  2. Sissy’s employment visa is on process.
  3. Little A’s birthday celebration
  4. Ferrari Theme Park..
  5. Little A is so tangkad and lusog! He gained a lot! Pera usog!!Kamusta naman ang “carry me’ peg niya! But really he’ so lakas ng kumain. As in every now and then he’s been asking for food. Not to mention that he’s the one asking na to eat rice. More solids means less milk, more tipid!! Tita Keke is so strict kasi when it comes to eating habit of little A. Her rule ” no proper meal no drinking of milk”.He is not allowed to drink his milk if he’s not yet eating rice. Now whenever he’s done eating his meal, he will say daddy/mommy or tita keke ” im done eating now, can i drink milk now?”..ang cute! Reward na lang milk ngayon..happy!!
  6. We will scout for the nursery school now. We need to consider our location so instead of enrolling him in Dubai we are planning to start in nursery muna then by next year, if God’s will we’re planning to move in Dubai. I am eyeing british school near our place. They also have branches in Dubai and I heard good feedbacks about them.Hopefully we can visit them soon.
  7. We are planning of getting my tita to be little A’s guardian. If he will study na talaga then we will be needing yaya na tlga. I just hope things will work properly.
  8. And since we are planning to get our own yaya. I have an excuse to go back home!! Hello Pilipinas..Hello 168 mall!! hahaha
  9. I just bought electronics/gadget online. Hopefully it’s safe!
  10. I love DSS..un lang..hehe

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