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Birthday updates

In one week time someone will be turning three.

And the super excited mommy is so ngaragers preparing all the DIY stuffs  for the celebration.

Big hug sissy, thank you for your help!!

When we finally decided that our favorite family doctor – Dr Seuss would be the theme for little A’s third birthday celebration. I was hooked on surfing for inspirations.  There are so many options, so many possibilities but one thing I need to remind to myself – I NEED TO STICK TO THE BUDGET!!

Like any mommies who always wants the best for their child but don’t want to spend fortune. DIY and free printable are the best!!

Just to give you rough idea, here’s the list of accomplishments so far:

Venue – booked

e-invites – sent ( Hugs and Kisses Tita Belle)

Birthday Cake – check

Dessert Bar – check

Birthday boy party hat – check

Guest book – check (Thank you Book World for the help)

DIY Photobooth – check

Outfits – check na check, right daddy??

To do:

Party foods –

  •  I want to incorporate the titles of Dr Seuss books
  •  I need to know if most of them will be attending, please RSVP..hehe

Party decor – on going

Party favors – stickers na lang almost done na..


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