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You’re my Superhero..You’re my Super DAD!!

Dear Daddy,

Mommy allow me to be her guest for today so that I could say thank you for being the SUPER Daddy ever.

There are so many things I love about you.

You’re my superhero

It’s really cool how you patiently brushed my teeth and explaining the importance of it.I love how you prepare my favorite bubble bath.I always feel pampered everytime you’re saying “I love this big boy“..mmmm my baby smells fresh”

I loved it everytime you take me to the zoo and let me run freely while I am jumping for joy seeing those animals.

And because you know how I loved corn you always ensure to prepare corn soup for me.No one makes a savoury Corn Soup (from scratch) like you.


You’re an awesome DAD…

It makes me happy when you always find time to our bedtime stories..

You introduced to me our favorite tickle-tickle game and 1-2-3 screw.

I can see that mommy is happily watching us while we are laughing and giggling.

Thanks for teaching me how to pee in standing position and be proud of my ‘patotoy’. You have great stamina because you can wait for longer hours and chat with me until I pooped.Despite of my stinky poop you never throw up.

You’re such a cool dad! I love playing with slides and ball pit with you..


You’re my SUPER DAD!!

I always feel secured when you’re always holding my hand while walking.You’re really sweet DAD! Sorry if sometimes I prefer to walk alone..

Do you know how much I appreciate your effort when you chose to take care of me though you are restless and sleepless because your from night shift. I love how you really valued our time together..

I know in a few months your schedule will not be as flexible as before and I will truly miss you.But thanks for taking one week leave so we can spend quality time together and you can be home with me. I really like hanging out with you. You’re my best buddy!

I always feel safe everytime you pray for me before I go to sleep every night. I can feel your hands are laying on me. I love waking up each day because I know that Daddy and Mommy loves me so much.


Thank you for raising me in a postive way and for always providing the best for our family.

You taught me that I need to always take care of mommy and love her so much. You even said she’s our “boss”.

You’re my SUPER HERO.. “You’re my SUPER…


I’d always be your sidekick!!
Happy Father’s Day Daddy!! I love you so much!



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