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Allowing free time for toddler…

For working parents like us sometimes we feel guilty that we seldom creating structured learning activities for our kids,we feel that we are lacking in exerting effort of providing them lessons that will help them academically.

But most of the time allowing kids to create their own play without rules to follow can be learning experience as well. Even expert said that “Play is the language of children. It is their most natural activity. Through play children express themselves, explore their world and learn. Even though play looks as if it is only amusing, fun and joyful, it is an extremely important activity for children.

To maintain balance life with a growing toddler like little A,we always remind ourselves that our son needs more time to play freely, and not pressure him too much with enrichment activities.

With all the toys he has he still want to used my belt as harp. He will play with it while dancing.

He grabbed his chair from his room,arranged the blocks and starts playing he said that this is his new square xylophone..

This is daddy’s exercise tool.He likes playing with it and pretended that he’s doing the push up with matching counting pa na kala mo hirap na hirap..

This is him at bedtime reading his favorite books..

While daddy and mommy our doing the household chores,you will find him reading Sue’s Snue book.

“Parents should let children be children—not just because it should be fun to be a child but because denying youth’s unfettered joys keeps kids from developing into inquisitive, creative creatures.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” — Albert Einstein


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