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Father’s day feast

Forget buying expensive stuffs and treat your DAD to the special day he deserves.

Well, what I’m trying to tell you- that getting something for hubby on Father’s Day doesn’t have to cost a lot of fortune. All you need is a bit of creativity and a dash of time and effort.

Here’s a snap shot of our last year’s Fathers Day Celebration..

To pay homage to the World’s Greatest Dad in the world. I cooked some of his favorite dishes..

For main course I prepared Cheese and Beef Bombshell paired with Ham and Mozarella Cheese Bruschetta and Oven Baked Chicken Thighs.

If you will surf the net you will see lots of free printables honoring Father’s Day. Personalized Chocolate and Homemade Ice Cream for dessert..

And because the King of the house deserves a break I printed this vouchers as my gift for him.A free massage and couple of hours’ of free relaxation that can make him chillax..

Only for the the World’s Best Dad personalized ketchup and garlic powder..

Father’s Day will never be complete without little A’s gift.

Whenever or however you chose to honor Father’s Day, it is important to remember that by spending time together children and their fathers can learn together how important they are to our lives..

Happy planning!!


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