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Captured moments + Photobooks = Lifetime Memories

As a couple hubby and I are huge fans of taking pictures of little A. I know sometimes little A got distracted or irritated with a camera stuck on his face.That being said,we want to ensure that we capture as many of his everyday moments that we can because we know that those moments go by fast.It’s our own little way of valuing the precious,spontaneous and candid moments of our lives.

A simple idea that won’t cost a fortune but will bring a million laughs and memories?

 When it comes to photo sharing social network could be hit for others but for us we still prefer looking back the old days over a cup of cofffee while browsing our photobook.

And the perks of having a talented and creative sibling around is I can easily ask favor to create a photobook for us.

Despite her busy schedule she still managed to produce a masterpiece/s. She did the 1st birthday photobook of little A and just recently we received the 2nd photobook with pictures of little A’s mickey mouse 2nd birthday party with his journey to two’s adventures.

Just a quick proud ‘”Ate”moment I am so happy with her accomplishments.Started as a hobby now they’ve started a business and proud owner of  Raven Digital Works. Engineers by day and a cool artists every minute. They are offering services like AVP, photoshoot, photo lay out, and their famous Photoholics Photobooth. A unique, fun-oriented portable photo boothwhich caters any occassions. An hours of entertainment with lots of amazing party props and costumes to add more adventures and craze in taking photos.

Anyhoot, A quick tip from all parents out there – If you want to turn your favorite digital photos into treasured photo books starts to snap a shots of your kiddos and create memories that last a lifetime.

* For latest updates and promotion about  Raven Digital Works, you may send message to their facebook acount (Raven Digital Works)

Have a fab weekend everyone!!


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