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Learning through play – Creative Play

For a toddler who is always on the move long road trips can be tough. Especially when they finally become conscious that they’ve been trapped on their car seat for a long hours.

One of our stress buster is refocus his energy by playing “Create a story”.Each of us takes a turn narrating any stories that we may think. This game is such a big hit to little A.

Last weekend after eating breakfast I had the chance to finally arranged all of my compiled recipes I was planning to write it in my notebook.

Of course knowing how active little A he then asked me if we could play our “create a story”. This time instead of narrating he wants to put it into illustrations. He wants me to draw his story. Ok, this is a sign that he’s bored and he wants something to do. So I grabbed his small pad and pen and I set aside what I planned to do. He then started to narrate his story..

Little A – One day there’s  a little boy.

Mommy – What’s the name of the boy

Little A – He said his name “Little A”

Mommy – What is he doing..

Little A – He’s holding a balloon. So many balloons..

(So I complied) I drew 4 balloons and asked him to count. I also asked him the shape of the balloons. I even hold his hand so I can guide him to draw as well.

He then asked me if we can draw mommy and daddy.

After seeing the illustration he said “no mommy”. .  I asked him why? Mommy and Daddy will also hold balloon.

A simple activity using his imagination.

 A simple aid to build his vocabulary and communication skills.

I’m amazed how much faster the time passed by we were so engaged! Before I knew it I need to prepare again for lunch time.

he drew this he said this is little A and daddy..cute!!


This is me and Little A (sorry but drawing is not my cup of tea)


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