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Decadent little bundles of love – Banana Pops

Having dessert with every dinner – means gaining more weight for me.So while I am trying to get back on shape my desire of eating about these chocolate coated banana-on-a-stick idea makes me crazy.

i almost forgot to share it with hubby! hehe

Frozen bananas are creamy, smooth and the perfect summer-y  treat. They can be a great substitute for ice cream or chocolate muffins too.

The process for making banana pops is super simple. No recipe needed. I used roughly chopped  cashews,almonds,mini’s M&M and melted chocolate or simply used Nutella like what I did. But hey! There are a ton of possibilities.

with mommy’s little helper

Just use your imagination! It could be candy sprinkles, coconut flakes,  chocolate shavings or chopped up pretzels.I will also try adding peanut butter on the mixture this weekend.



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