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Owl always love you..

One of the things I have always prayed for our marriage is to have a sense of wonderment for life.

A delight in celebrating milestones in our life!

 Taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary.

Last Friday is our 4th year anniversary instead of a big-bang celebration we opted to have simple dinner in our house.

 We invited few friends to celebrate with us.

balloons with our prenup pics and family pics

Our house were adorned with balloons and heart banner. For food labels and cake bunting I used the “owl always love you collection” which I got free from mirabellecreations blogspot.

Hubby cooked his all time fave lechon kawali while sissy insisted to prepare her special yang chow fried rice.For my share,I cooked sweet and sour fish fillet and mixed vegetables.

Desserts comprised of a various options . The mouth watering cheesecake,uber delicious custard cake and cashew polvoron from goldilocks.

must have in every occasions..
sweety yet moist chiffon cake..
personalized cutlery

Our home turned out really sweet and I loved the fact that our friends enjoyed the food.What a fun and exciting night this has been.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of the things in life that matter most, and surrounded by the people who make you truly happy.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone..

Give honor to marriage, and remain faithful to one another in marriage. Hebrews 13:4

* special thanks to Ate Cecil for the delish cheesecake and custard cake


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