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“As we journey through our life we don’t need to go on hunting expedition, intent of finding perfect partner rather while on the purposeful journey we are destined to meet him, recognized that he was God sent.

“It is within the reason to believe that God will bring the right person across our path”.

Our 4th year anniversary is fast approaching and I am very tickled to share  OUR STORY..

When LOVE begins starring Al and Raquel..hehe

Al and I met when we were in college we are both taking the course of BS Medical Technology. Though we are in same class we never had a chance of knowing each other since we have different set of friends.Needless to say we became best friends when we moved to other school. We confided our secrets, we talked a lot of things. We are so comfortable with one another’s presence. And entertaining thoughts of having a relationship never crossed our mind.  While most of our friends are chasing us that someday our friendship would lead to marriage. We will just give them a shrug and assure them that we are just close friends.

Time flies and we were inseparable. At some point I knew that my life was certainly going through some changes. I was finally realizing that I am falling for my dearest friend. I was filled with bliss from this new awareness.

I will not hesitate to admit that I love him first, who wouldn’t be. He’s a boyfriend material. He knows how to take care of a girl. He makes me laugh, he’s always there when I needed someone to talk to, and I find secured with him being around.

Cliché it may call but it is true indeed that action speaks louder than words. My heart reveals my real feelings towards him.

One thing I’ve known I was holding a handkerchief and trying to wipe the raindrops to his face. Looking him in his eyes with passion and love. The moment was there and I didn’t see this will come so soon.

My heart skipped a bit and my hands were shaking. In my heart this is the man I want to spend the rest of my life. This is the man I want to marry. I can’t really explain that magical moment. What a shock to my senses that was.

After the incident I had some sort of hint yet I am a bit unsure but I began to noticed that he was acting differently. I don’t know if I am being paranoid or because I was blindfold with the idea of “soul mate and destiny”.

Apparently, my head was pounding with hope and that I couldn’t fully understand. 

Surprisingly he feels the same way; he’s just want to make sure with his feelings.

 I had always heard “to have a solid rock relationship you have to start as friends”.

Though we are not fully prepared to step into the new door that was presenting we grab the chance we did crossed the thin line between friendship and a relationship. And we SUCCEEDED.



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