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It’s Antoine’s 1st birthday on Sunday. And kids are requested to come in fancy costumes. Fortunately, Toy’s R Us is on part sale. They are offering 25% off on selected items.

We have new “tambayan” – Toy’s R Us Deira City Center!!haha!

I liked this branch so much. it’s very entertaining for kids.They allocated play area while parents can do the shopping. They have built-in TV to watch Barney!! They also have slides and the über expensive Choo Choo Train.

They also accessorize the store with humongous giraffe,horse and camel which I think is perfect for nursery room.

But for little A it is best to ride and hugged them.

Anyhoot, back to costume hunting when we read the invite hubby and I thought it would be nice if little A will wear Ben10. We were really convinced to buy the costume but after seeing the price Dhs 99.75 discounted pa yan ha. We decided to forget Ben10 and look for something cheaper. For frugality reason spending 100 bucks is not practical. And we made the right choice!

Note to self –  Don’t look too far because at the end of the day ‘you will find hidden treasure’ on your closet..Surprise..Surprise!!


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