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Quality time – Dubai Zoo

As a treat to the little boy who patiently waited for his mommy to finish her medical fitness exam for the renewal of visa, we went to Dubai Zoo. It was 5pm when we arrived there. Since its Thursday the zoo was not that crowded. It took us roughly 30-45 minutes to see everything.

Dubai zoo is situated opposite the Jumeirah Beach. It is the oldest in the city and has a small collection of animals. It offers unique variety of animals as well as other species. It is a special place of interest and fun for tourists and residence of Dubai

You don’t need to go all the way to Al Ain to make your child happy. Just pay Dhs 2 and you can see the excitement in their face.

Little A can see animals including Gorilla, Giraffe, Arabian Wolves, Lions, Tigers and others. It is reputed to hold over 200 species. It has very little claim to fame but has bred many of the species it keeps including Arabian Wild Cat and Chimpanzee.

While the topic on closing the zoo is still under discussion. Let little A savour the moment of seeing them up close and personal.

Dubai Zoo

Jumeirah Beach Road

Tel: +97143440462

Open from 10am – 6pm


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