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Sorting by color

Sorting is an important concept for young children and Little A is learning more about the color concepts at this stage.

the invitation

Usually, I will just ask him to do matching color. This time I opted to try different approach for him using the color concept and sorting skills.

How to play:

  1. Print and cut your clip arts.
  2. Use the rainbow colors as a pattern but you can start by two colors if you wish.
  3. Minimize distractions and disorganization by clearing the table or work area of any toys or clutter.
  4. Always demonstrate first before expecting your child to understand what you want of him.

But most of all ,take your time in enjoying color sorting games with your child.

” With our patient teaching through play activities, our child will soon be able to sort groups of objects together “

Look at this young man.He thinks that he’s drinking grape juice. He even asked me to taste it cute!!

* thanks tita ann for cutting all the clip arts..


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