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Our Valentine’s date kwento

In lieu of LOVE month, I would like to share our Valentine family date. (sorry late post daddy!)

This was my most kilig Valentine’s day since I gave birth to Little A.

Daddy Al and Little A arrived in our office with a bouquet of roses. I would lie if I say that I am not expecting flowers..haha (expectorant lang!) Kasi naman off naman kaya si  Al nun so he has all the time to dropped by sa flower shop.

While I was on the phone talking our client,I heard from the reception that someone was looking for me. When I came out I saw that my little boy was carrying  bouquet of roses and rushing towards me.

To be honest, my heart melt kasi parang I feel na “wow” Is this my boy? Ang laki na nia at ang bilis nyang lumaki,infairness. When he gave the flower he said “here’s the flower”..sabay takbo sa Daddy nia. Ang kulit ng reaksyon nia.Promise! Ganito din kaya sia pag ibang babae na ang bibigyan nia ng flower?? Hmmm..Big NO! Not until 35 years na sya..hahaha. Dun pa lang sia pedeng manligaw.

Daddy Al and Little A stayed in our office for a while kasi napaaga sila ng dating. Of course Little A was making pabibo and pacute. I can’t asked him to sit and be still. He was running,singing,waving his hands to my colleagues. Ganyan sia kamahiyain..hehe

my dreamboy..wahaha

We went na lang sa Mall of Emirates to see the Penguin show and eat na lang sa Chilli’s para malapit sa Ski Dubai.We ordered Chicken Buffalo wings,Chicken Margharita and Shrimp combo plus Paradise Caramel Brownies ata yun (I forgot the exact name).

Luckily, we choose to go to MOE kasi sobrang traffic that day and it would such a waste of time being stock in the traffic. After eating hubby said I can still buy clothes as part of the gift. I said no need na hulog ko na lang sa piggy bank ko ung money..hehe. But he insisted kaya I got pants na lang sa Forever 21.

I have super dooper big hita and legs so it’s always a dilemma everytime I want new pair of jeans. Pero carry ng F21 ang legs ko di sia nagmukhang in!

After paying we went home na din kasi medyo late na and pagod na din ang bata batuta.


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