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Finger painting using toys

Every time I introduce painting activities to Little A,I am always trying to change the process a bit. I adjust the process based on  what we already have in our house.

Presenting our “Finger painting using toys” activity.

Since this is our first time to use marbles for painting Little A had a trouble getting the coordination of moving the large box from side to side.  I helped him to hold and tilt the box back and forth.Marble painting is a bit challenge because Little A have to tilt the box the same way at the same time – not an easy thing to do but a mess free acitivity.


This is actually good eye-hand coordination because you have to keep an eye on the marbles so they don’t keep from falling.

Regardless of the challenges involved in marble painting, Little A stayed engaged and focused in the process. It would be easier maybe,if I have wrapped the box with the plastic wrap to help keep the marbles from falling out of the box.Atleast, Little A can still see inside the box while he roll the marbles through the paint with out worrying about the marbles falling out. Note to self -must have cling film around the playroom.

using marbles

Despite of lack of preparation our marble painting turned out colorful and bright. Not to mention, we also use the toy car for added fun.

using toy car
the product

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