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Hands-On Math activities

Little A knew the numbers from 0-50. In several occassions like making “pabibo” he’ll count up to 80. With this, I thought of introducing a firm understanding of math concepts and skills on him.

When Little A entered in our playroom he’s so excited to see different colors of marbles.It’s his first time to see and feel the marbles. So,I have prepared 3 fun learning math games.

Presenting our activity… ” Counting + Marbles = Hands on Math activities.

1. Replicate the patterns – I made the circle template from 0-9 and asked Little A to count while putting the marbles on the circles. At first, he was confused. He will add one marble on the first circle and he will say 1. Then,he will proceed to the next pattern he’ll continue counting 2,3. I had to constantly remind him to start again from 1. After few trials and errors he got it right. So we finished up to number 9.

replicate the pattern

2. Math mats – Learning the number facts 0-9. Each box is labeled and has a math activity inside. It’s nice to have a reliable printables that you can use in so many ways. I asked him to trace the number by simply adding marbles on it. After tracing the number, he need to place marbles on the box. This time he doesn’t have a hard time doing it.

math mats
count and learn

3. Workjob Math activities – Each lids is labeled from 1-9.This handy activity which keep Little A happily working on his counting skills.

work job activity

You see, marbles aren’t just for games but also work well in a variety of educational activities. They are relatively inexpensive and are readily available in any discount stores and toy shop. I got mine in Day to Day for aed 3.00 but they are the flat ones. Grab some and have fun learning with your kiddos.

*Never leave your child alone while playing marbles especially if they are under the age of 3.

*Marble is a choking hazard. Supervision is highly recommended.


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