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The cat is hungry..

Last weekend our activity theme is all about animals. Every weekend i made sure that i am packed with fun activities. Right after were done with our pretend play veterinarian. I handed to him our next activity.

Presenting our “The cat is hungry” activity…

The rule is very simple Little A would feed the cat using our dry erase marker. I did not had the chance to laminate it but the plastic divider works magically. With this activity i let him hold the pen and just write/draw whatever he likes. I am just listening to him while he’s feeding the cat. He said the cat will eat lollipop, so he drew one. Then he said that the cat would eat number 11,letter H and circle. I did not intervene with him, I just let his imagination flow. There is no right or wrong with this activity because my main focus is to practice his writing skills.I’m not in a hurry for Litlle A to draw or color “properly” – we are working in progress for him to be ready to hold and control a pencil correctly.


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