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Easel painting using watercolors..

our cute little painter

When you have a toddler who doesn’t want to sleep not until his Daddy Al arrive, you have no choice but to comply to his request of doing rainbow painting.

water color painting

It was passed 9pm but Little A is still insisting  if he can do some painting. Using his “signature smile” and a very cute tone of “please”, I pulled out that long box of paints, grab a paintbrush and pour a jar of water…then the fun begins..

Watercolors  are easily one of my top favorite art materials in our house.This simple art can be your child’s playful way of learning — yes, Little A is learning while creating the mess but I don’t mind. As long as he loves what he’s doing I will be happy to clean the mess.

da vincci in the making

For the past months of homeschooling Little A I learned that simple things can be so much fun and exciting.

singing rainbow song

When Little A starting to learn his colors, rainbow song was a big hit for us. That nursery rhyme made my life easy. Imagine how I always incorporate that song to our everyday life.

What about you mommies do you have other ways you use watercolors? I’m always looking for new ideas to try. I am an newbie mom and new projects and new material makes me so happy!


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