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Printables + Playdough = FUN

When I saw this free printables, I knew we could have fun together by encouraging Little A’s creativity.
So after printing it, I went straight to the shop for lamination. Dhs 60 is quite expensive for a frugal mommy like me. So I asked the guy to laminate it back to back instead of doing it separately. Atleast I can still put my Dhs 30 in my piggy bank. Oink! Oink! 
Presenting our activity…Printables + Playdough = FUN
apple tree
Playdough is such a wonderful touchy-feely activity for toddlers.
di pantay ang mata
It is also great in developing toddler’s senses by exploring and experimenting. 
angelo's face

 Not to mention that playdough helps toddler to strengthen their finger and hand muscles.

You can also used playdough to teach counting, shapes and other basic educational information.
happy birthday to you..

While Little A is playing our activity he is counting while adding apples on the tree. He’s also attentive while he’s putting eyes,nose and mouth on the face. He even say that it’s his face. We were laughing outloud when he said “handsome angelo”.

When he’s done with his creations, he immediately run to his Daddy Al to show his works.


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