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For the love of cupcakes

Everytime I baked, I always do it with love. I will make sure that each cupcake will be presented with style.
I baked for my hubby,I baked for Angelo and I baked for my friends. 
Most of my friends are suggesting that I should do it regularly and try it as a business for extra income. Why not? Acually ,the problem is I don’t know how much will I charge them.
Some said that I need to compute how much is the total cost of all the ingredients and from there just double the price. Some said that I should create fan page so they can liked it and they can refer me to their friends. But me,knowing my moods and my schedule I dont think I can ever do it.
For the meantime as long as it’s free let my friends indulge the free taste.
Maybe if I have the guts to share it publicly and I’m ready for criticism then maybe I can do it as my part-time.hehe
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