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Celebrating New Year with style

Hubby is working in the hospital and for oddreason he was the only filipino on duty. But instead of taking it in a wrong way we are still lucky though coz he’s supervisor allowed him to have 2 hours break. In that case we can still celebrate the new year together. Initially he’s insisting of  just going to our friend in Deira since they organized theme party. The idea is nice but I strongly believed that the family should stay in their home pag naghihiwalay ang taon. And aside from that I already printed my New Year printables..hehe. Growing up, I remember that my mom will always prepare sticky food,13 assorted fruits, water,salt,cotton,rice and sugar for luck. At dahil ako ang laging katulong ni nanay magprepare ng table na adapt ko sia kaya even when I  have my own family na I still do the same.At dahil dalawa lang naman kami we tried to make it very simple. For main course we have grilled pork with mushroom sauce and penne carbonara. For deserts I baked cupcakes with cream cheese frosting,coconut macaroons and assorted fruits. We also have kutsinta (my fave) courtesy of our friend Ann.



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