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Learning through play – Sounds Blending (it Family Words)

This is the 3rd part series of our Blending sounds activity. As early as his age he already knew the letters and its sounds. So when I introduced this activity he is very much interested.

You will need: clothes pin,cardboard or index and pentel pen to wite the letters.

the invitation

For the past two lessons that we’ve done (at and et Family), I have been using the picture puzzle to incorporate the words. But this time I’m trying my luck of doing it with clipping of clothes pin sa choice of word nia para naman for dexterity purpose. I am aiming for a simple reason. I just want him to enjoy what he’s doing.

And it works for him.
After taking his nap he wanted for another round. We spend most of our time clipping the clothes pin on the correct cardboard.

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